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Chef Gregory Kalatsky attended The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)

Hyde Park, New York in 1993.

Aspiring to be a Master Chef, Gregory graduated from the CIA in 1995 and did an
additional three months of postgraduate work in 12 specialized cuisine preparation
studies. He assisted as Sous Chef (second in command) in several disciplines. His
studies took him from nutritional cuisine to specialized wedding cake design. After
finishing his curriculum at the CIA, his heart called him home for a short stay in
Laguna Beach, California before venturing off to Europe to study under some of
the world’s most renowned chefs to include: Heinz Winkler of Bavaria, Chef
Hunsinger of Munich, Glen Alos of Hawaii and Claudio Pappini of Italy and
French Chef Louis Fessy. Gregory’s Foundation is in Classical French Cuisine.


Upon returning home from some of the most challenging culinary studies in
Europe, he launched his career as Sous Chef at “Five Feet Restaurant” in Laguna
Beach. While his tutelage at “Five Feet” was an indelible experience, Chef
Gregory’s love for the art of cooking compelled him to share his craft, “the code of
cooking.” He imparts, “cooking is an art, cooking is a science and cooking is
sharing knowledge with others.” Gregory’s passion for the art of cooking engaged
him in a teaching position at The Orange County School of Culinary Arts in 1999.
Chef Gregory also engages in an occasional consultation for the design of
restaurant kitchens, new homes and remodeled kitchens.
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Chef Gregory's Ginger Soy Dressing- LOW FAT and HIGH Taste


Offering Sit down Menus and Buffet Style too

This was at the Discovery Science
Center in Orange. We are Offering Holiday Services to all of our clients, Space is Limited so
Please book as soon as you can. Happy Holidays, Chef Gregory